About Gary Armida

Gary Armida has the privilege of being Emersen Hope’s Dad. The role of Father is the single most important role in his life. That role and connection with his daughter inspires him to continually strive to be the best teacher, to be the best writer, and to help everyone else in the profession to be the best.

Starting out as an eighth grade English Teacher, Armida has spent 15 of his 20 years as a classroom teacher at the high school level, teaching grades nine through eleven on all different levels and environments. His passion for writing extends to the classroom as his focus is to not only improve student writing, but to ignite a student’s passion for the art of communication.

Over the past five years, Armida has assumed the role of English Department Coordinator. Through this role, he hopes to inspire colleagues to foster the love of the written word in their classrooms as well as help them create passionate, safe work environments for students. While the role is rewarding, the best parts of his work day are the three periods that he is in the classroom learning with his students.

Additionally, Armida works as an Adjunct Professor for Manhattanville College and The College of Mount St. Vincent, teaching graduate level courses focusing on literacy in secondary education.

Outside of the Education field, Armida has worked as a baseball writer. He’s had work published by USA Today, Baseball Digest, Baseball Prospectus, Gotham Baseball Magazine, and for his own company, FullCountPitch Media, LLC.