About Dr. Kris Felicello

Dr. Kris Felicello has been in the field of education for over 25 years as a Teacher, Coach, Athletic Director, Assistant Principal, Principal, Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, and he is currently the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in the North Rockland Central School District in Rockland County, New York.  Kris obtained his Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership from St. John’s University in 2011.

Dr. Felicello is leader who wants to make schools a better place for students.  He firmly believes that it is essential to build relationships and foster students’ social-emotional development to ensure a positive and productive educational experience for all students.  Throughout his career, Dr. Felicello has embraced technology as a means to improve schools, however he cautions that technology should be utilized only when it supports positive instructional practices.  

Dr. Felicello has presented at the NYS Athletic Administrator Conference, New York State Association of School Personnel Administrators Conference, New York State Curriculum for Advanced Technological Education Conference   and at the OMEGA Institute.  He has also served as an adjunct professor, professional development leader, and continues to be student of the latest trends in education.  

Although Dr. Felicello is passionate about his career and improving our education system, his first priority is his family.  He enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife Rebecca and 3 sons Justin (16), Andrew (15), and Scott (13).