If you took a picture of many classrooms today, it would look very similar in setup to that of a classroom found in 1950. In fact, it would look like a classroom found during the early 1900’s. There is so much good that happens in classrooms, but there is still much to improve. A classroom in 2018 has to prepare students for what is next, not what has already happened.

Today’s students are the most inquisitive group of students to ever enter the public education system. They are smart. They are inquisitive. They want to know why things are. They have an access and an understanding of a technology that was never present in any previous generation. And, most importantly, they refuse to simply accept things as they are.

We, as educators, have to have the same mindset; we cannot accept things as they are.

It is our obligation as educators to take the good in education and make it great. More importantly, it is our job as educators to reform the industry for a generation of kids who are preparing for jobs that most likely don’t exist right now.

We believe that this can and will happen. It’s already starting. There are more and more educators who are evolving because that’s what’s best for kids. Every education decision should yield a yes to this question:

Is it good for kids?

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